Swim Spray: Get the Chlorine Out

February 11, 2015


Thank you to the SWIM SPRAY people for letting us try your product.

SWIM SPRAY is a product that you spray in your hair and on your skin to remove chlorine. It was invented by Dr. Andrew Chadeayne (a life long swimmer and former collegiate swimmer) in 2010. It’s aim is to address the effects of chlorine on your hair and skin. For competitive swimmers who are in the pool for long periods of time as well as many… many days, chlorine can wreak havoc on your hair and skin. Kids especially are prone to these bad effects. I know our daughters skin is itchy (all over) and their hair is so dry it’s like straw sometimes. Their website is nice and professional as well as informative and the bottle is nicely packaged and looks good.

I have 4 kids and 2 of them are competitive swimmers, the other 2 are rec swimmers.  I tested the product myself (on my kids) as well as gave it to many other Mom’s on the 2 different swim teams so we could get some varying opinions.  For my younger swimmer, whose hair is very fine and thin, it worked wonderfully.  Her hair didn’t have the straw-like texture after we used it.  Her hair didn’t smell like the pool either.  For our older swimmer, whose hair is very thick it worked and all we needed to do is use a little more and do it in sections.  Other Mom’s also said the same thing that it worked but they needed to use more on the thicker hair.

As for the skin. It is all natural and fragrance free – which really means something to us because our daughter has very fair skin that irritates easily with certain fragrances or chemicals.  We have a pool that the kids practice at 2 days a week that uses bromine instead of chlorine.  Several kids on the team wont even go to those practices as they come out all itchy from the chemicals.  My 2 are in that group of kids.  I sent them to practice there so we could test the Swim Spray and see how it would work in those conditions and I was pleasantly surprised that after practice they showered off and it took the itchy away. So that was fantastic.

As for the product itself – we love that it is all natural and safe for all ages to use!!  We wish it came in bigger bottles (without raising the price) for those of us with multiple kids and ones with thicker hair. (as we needed to use almost a whole trial bottle on their hair.)

Swim Mom is very please with the product and would recommend it to anyone who needs a natural product to get the chemicals out of hair, skin and suits. The pricing is good – not great and competitive with other products that are not all natural, however, again the amount of product you get could be more for the price. Chlorine was ruining our kids hair and making them itch like crazy… SWIM SPRAY did what it said it would and worked really well!

We have provided a link to the Swim Spray site for you to get more information and try the product yourself. Swim Mom merely reviewed the product and voiced it’s opinions, we always recommend you do your own research (as swim dad always does before we review new products) as with everything in life…. all products will not work the same for every person as hair and skin types differ from person to person.  This product was used on our own children and those willing to try it from the swim team. SWIM SPRAY gets the SwimMom seal of approval for sure.

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