Gear Review: SwimSpray - Silver Jade Deutch

February 11, 2015


    There comes a time in ever swimmer's life when you just don't feel comfortable wreaking of chlorine anymore. I admit that I haven't always cared that I smell like chemicals. As a life-long competitive swimmer, I got very comfortable with my chlorine stench. While still in school, I remember that the smell used to keep me awake during boring sniff of my arm and I was alert. And in College, I always figured that smelling like chlorine was better than what most kids smelled like in 8am lectures. But, I'm not in college anymore. And frankly, I'm sick of being able to smell myself after leaving a room, of suffocating my colleagues at firm meetings, and of experiencing a burning in my eyes as the chlorine smell emanates from my skin all day long.

So, I got referred to a product that is supposed to cure all these problems....Swim Spray.
The Item: 
    Swim Spray
The Claim:
    "SwimSpray immediately neutralizes chlorine. If you don't want to use shampoo or soap with SwimSpray, simply rinse off in the shower, spray SwimSpray on your hair and skin, and then rinse off the SwimSpray with water. That will eliminate the chlorine and you won't smell like chlorine." - From
My Initial Reaction: 
    The first time I brought it to the pool I tried to use it after I got out of the shower.  Turns out, had I actually read the directions (aka Swim Spray's ONLY direction), I would've realized that you're supposed to use it IN the shower before you shampoo and soap. Oops. 
   So, the next day I went swimming, I actually followed the directions and used the Swim Spray while in the shower.  Then I changed and headed off to work as usual.  I admit, I was originally doubtful as to whether or not this stuff would actually work.  However, after trying it out  and sitting through meetings all day, I was convinced...Swim Spray ACTUALLY WORKS!
    For the first time my office didn't smell like chlorine after I had already left it.  For the first time, none of my colleagues commented on whether or not they could tell that I had been swimming that morning.  And, for the first time, when I went to do my afternoon bike trainer workout, I didn't sweat out the chlorine that had been trapped in my pores all day.
My Opinion Now:
   I'm glad to have found a product that actually does what it says.  My only gripe, however, is that I find that I have to use a lot of sprays in order to cover my body.  This means that each bottle might not last as long.  However, considering the fact that I also like to splurge on expensive shampoos and $30 bottles of leave-in conditioners from Sephora, I think that paying the price for a product that actually definitely worth it. 
Price Tag: 
$12.95 for a 4oz bottle from OR

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