ARLINGTON, Virginia, March 1. SWIMSPRAY, LLC has announced a breakthrough in swimmers' haircare and skincare. The Virginia-based company has developed an all-natural, chlorine removal product that solves swimmers' long-standing problems with pool chlorine. SwimSpray is a concentrated, pH-balanced vitamin C spray, which swimmers use in the shower along with their other haircare and skincare products.

Swimming in Chlorine
For health reasons, almost all swimming pools are chlorinated. Chlorine is added to pools to kill bacteria, making it safe to swim in the water. However, clean water comes at a price: pool chlorine also reacts with swimmers' hair and swimmers' skin. The chlorine tightly bonds to the swimmers' body, making it almost impossible to wash away with conventional showering.

Smelling like Chlorine
Because chlorine is difficult to wash away, swimmers often report smelling like chlorine, even after showering. Each day on Twitter, hundreds of swimmers complain of a lingering chlorine odor, which is particularly evident upon moistening (e.g., licking) the skin.

Notably, the swimming community is divided as to whether they like or dislike the lingering chlorine smell: Some find the smell to be a pleasant reminder of a good swim; others would prefer to smell “normal” away from the pool — as opposed to exuding a chemical odor.

Lingering Chlorine
Despite differing opinions on the smell of chlorine, swimmers agree that they dislike the side-effects of lingering chlorine. Lingering chlorine damages hair and irritates skin. Accordingly, many swimmers report dry, itchy skin, rashes, or allergy-like symptoms. They complain of damaged, brittle, straw-like, or green hair.

Dr. Andrew Chadeayne, inventor of SwimSpray, hypothesized that most swimmers fail to effectively wash away chlorine after swimming. As he describes it, “you smell like chlorine because you are still covered in chlorine.” Based on the principle that lingering chlorine damages swimmers after swimming, SwimSpray developed a technology that instantly neutralizes residual chlorine from hair and skin.

Swimmers spray themselves with SwimSpray in the shower, after swimming. Then, they follow their normal shower routine. According to product reviews, SwimSpray works surprisingly well after just one use, completely eliminating the residual chlorine and lingering odor.

By Swimmers for Swimmers
SwimSpray, LLC prides itself on being a company run by swimmers for swimmers. According to Peter Wong, SwimSpray's Chief Operating Officer, “everyone at the company swims regularly and we have developed a product that we cannot live without.” Jim Sullivan, Chairman of SwimSpray's Board of Directors explains, “we all grew up swimming and feel deeply indebted to the sport. Our mission with SwimSpray is to help swimmers feel better about swimming by eliminating the biggest drawback. We want to be good citizens in the swimming community.”

SwimSpray sponsors dozens of swim meets and open water events each year. This month, SwimSpray will sponsor the NCSA Junior Nationals in Orlando Florida from March 12-16. The company will be present at the meet, providing free SwimSpray to any interested participant.

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