My Top 7 Training Tools - Fast Forward Triathlon

February 11, 2015

7) Swim Spray. I just discovered Swim Spray recently thanks to my friend and training partner Shannon, and it has changed my life. OK, maybe not quite, but if you are tired of having dry chlorine damaged hair, itchy skin all day, and smelling like chlorine at all times, this product is for you (and it is not a sponsor). You basically rinse off after swimming, spray it on your hair and skin and rinse off again off, and the ascorbic acid (vitamin C) eliminates any remaining chlorine on your hair/skin. Unlike the marketed “swim shampoos” this product actually works (and works really well). It may not directly make you faster, but by removing the negative consequences of chlorine it could improve your desire to spend lots of time in the pool. Thus, it makes my top 7 list :-)
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