Love to Swim? Remove Nasty Chlorine Odor from your Hair and Skin with SwimSpray!

February 11, 2015


Whether you're getting a few laps in the pool for exercise, or simply taking your daily shower, you may be damaging your hair and skin. Chlorine damages skin and hair, making it dry, brittle, odiferous and discolored. Most of this happens in the hours AFTER swimming, because the chemical lingers on skin and hair long after getting out of the pool, even after shampooing. Enter SwimSpray: an all-natural solution that completely eliminates chlorine from hair and skin with a new vitamin C technology that neutralizes all lingering chlorine other swimmer-specific hair and skincare products leave behind without using additional chemicals to do so.

Use SwimSpray after swimming with your favorite shampoo, soap, or body wash. You will notice that you do not smell like chlorine the very first time that you use SwimSpray. My thoughts: This summer, my family traveled a lot and stayed in several hotels where we used the pools. Some swimming pools just seem to have stronger levels of chlorine in them. (I know what that means, yuck.) Anyway, the smell of the chlorine always seemed to linger on my little boy's skin, since he was in the water the most. After his bath, I sprayed him all over with SwimSpray. Not only did he smell fresh, the chlorine smell was completely gone! His sisters use it too. We love SwimSpray!

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