Spray the Chlorine & Irritation Away With SwimSpray

February 11, 2015


It may be Fall but many of us are planning our winter getaways, myself included, to get a little extended summer. Did you know that the chlorine in pools can create extensive damage to your hair and skin and simply washing your hair won't get rid of it? I just recently found that out while trying out SwimSpray, which is an all-natural product that completely washes away any residual chlorine and odor left behind.

I have to admit that I like the smell of chlorine but when your hair is exposed to it, it will turn it dry, brittle and fade the colour.. even turning it green if you have blonde hair! SwimSpray is a Vitamin C treatment that gets rid of all of that, and if you're sensitive to certain smells, it's fragrance-free too!

How to Apply: After getting out of the pool, rinse your hair of all the pool water then spray SwimSpray on your hair and skin. Follow it with your favourite shower products.

I know what you're probably thinking, how the heck did I try this out in the midst of Fall?! I'm very lucky to live close by to an indoor community pool so I was able to try it out and see if it's something I can use for the upcoming vacation I'm planning. First off, I found it really convenient to use after swimming since that's when I shower anyways. My hair did feel a lot cleaner and smoother after I sprayed it in and shampooed it out. I even sprayed it a bit on my skin to the areas that felt especially dry after swimming and it made it feel better. I know with colour treated hair, you've got to be careful of getting your hair wet with chlorine as it can alter the colour and really dry out your hair, so this is a great spray to have around to prevent that. After testing it out, I'm absolutely going to take it with me on my trip so I can save my hair from all of that damage and dehydration!
What do you think of SwimSpray? What do you use to protect your hair in chlorinated pools? Also, are you planning to go anywhere during the Winter?! Please share!
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