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February 11, 2015


Safely Eliminate Chlorine Odor and Irritation

Chlorine.  That strong pungent smell that is supposed to keep pools ‘sanitized’ is not just an element, it can easily become poisonous with exposure.   But, you don’t have to hear it from me, just read the facts on the CDC’s website here.  If you have a swim baby, they are more than likely exposed and while a little on your body is supposed to be ‘safe’, you really want to get it off your child after swimming.  So, how do you do that when you aren’t taking a shower for a few hours?


Yes, there is a spray that is 100% natural that can be sprayed on the body and hair as soon as you leave the chlorinated water.  It is made with 100% natural Vitamin C and is fragrance free, so it is easy to tell if you have gotten that chlorine scent and element off you and your child’s body.  In effect, it NEUTRALIZES chlorine until you are able to take a shower.  Now that’s pretty cool.

It is safe to use on your body and hair and you can tell the difference the first time you use it.  Yes, we tried it!  Because, like Swim Spray says, “IF you SMELL like chlorine, that’s because you are STILL COVERED in chlorine.”  So perhaps you should go and read that CDC info again and think hard about why a product like this is important for not only your NOSE but your health and that of your child.

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