SwimSpray - A Review (Cookies and Cwtches)

April 02, 2015

The girls go swimming every week as they have lessons on a Saturday. That they learn to swim is very important to me as I think it’s essential for their safety. So swimming is a big part of our lives and weekend routine.
We are quite used to that chlorine smell that lingers no matter how much you shower afterwards. What I don’t like is the dry, tight feeling my skin has after swimming and the damage that the chlorine does to my swimming costume! I was therefore intrigued to try out a new product called Swim Spray which claims to neutralise chlorine naturally – with vitamin C being the active ingredient.

swim spray

You simply rinse in the shower, spray swim spray over your hair and body (and even your swimsuit) and wash with your usual shampoo and shower gel.

I’ll admit I was a little sceptical that Vitamin C could be effective at neutralising chlorine. But I did find that the smell of chlorine was not nearly so strong and my skin felt so much nicer. I’m hoping it will work on my swimming costume too and they will last longer. While Swim Spray certainly is not something I would class as an essential part of your swimming kit, it does make  luxury addition to your changing bag.

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