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December 10, 2015


By Delaney Lanker, Swimming World College Intern

It’s that time of year again and the 25 days of Holiday have begun! So for all your favorite swimmers here is a list of things to help them make the most of the the holiday training season.

For the Fashionable Swimmer

For the swimmers where looking good is just as important as being good.

1. Training bikini

Training trip season is up on us. What’s better than a cute new bathing suit to make those hard practices a little better?

2. Waterproof Custom Volume Mascara

For hiding your tears during a hard practice.

3. TRISWIM Shampoo, Conditioner and Lotion

This trio will help fight and repair continually dry and damaged hair and scaly skin in these cold winter months.

4. Chlorine Removal Spray

Maybe your relatives won’t ask you why you smell like a pool this holiday season with the help of some chlorine-eliminating solution. Check out SwimSpray!

5. Spa day

After months of hard training, dry hair and skin; a little TLC can go a long way.

6. Athletic Wear Gift Card

Stylish and comfortable athletic wear that keep you feeling confident on and off the pool deck.

7. Croc Boat Shoes

Crocs can be cool too. These waterproof shoes will be the perfect addition to your on-deck wardrobe.

8. Snappy Towel

Bringing out the inner 8-year-old who wanted to wear a towel as a cape; the Snappy Towel helps dreams come true.

For the Adventurous Swimmer

From the pool to the beach these swimmers know how to have some fun.

9. GoPro Hero 4

For training trip videos or underwater pictures, a GoPro can help capture every water-full moment.

10. LifeProof Phone Case

Just in case you drop your phone in some water…or on a pool deck…or in the sand.

11. Water bottle

Just because we live in water doesn’t mean we don’t need to drink it. Make sure to stay hydrated in and out of the pool

12. Waterproof Headphones

So you can keep the pump-up jams blasting without worrying about getting them wet.

13. UE Roll 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

These portable and waterproof speakers will help pump you and your team up at a meet or practice.

14. Wateproof MP3 player

A waterproof MP3 player keeps the music with you even when underwater.

15. Kind Bars

A delicious and nutritious way to keep fueled while exploring. 

16. Matador Droplet Wet Bag

A bag that fits on your keychain. This waterproof bag is perfect for a swimmer on-the-go.

For the Dedicated Swimmer

Swimming is life. Eat. Swim. Sleep. Repeat.

17. Speedo Shine

Up your training with the world’s first activity, swim and sleep tracking device made with a swimmer in mind.

18. Discovery Trekking Ultra Fast Dry Towel

You’ll never have to wait for your towel to dry again.

19. Healthy Cook Book

Keeping your body fueled before, between and after practice will get you through December training.

20. Goggles

There is no such thing as too many pairs of goggles.

21. Professional Massage

For those never ending sore muscles, a massage can make the perfect holiday treat.

22. The Grid Foam Roller

For at at home solution for tight muscles after a long practice.

23. Ostrich Pillow

A reinvented power napping device. Resting on the go has never been this easy.

24. Halo Heat

This high elbow attached tubing helps swimmers perfect their technique and get in a workout without hopping into a pool.

Every Swimmer Needs:

25. A day off

There are some things money can’t buy and only a coach can give. Make sure to get some rest and time off during winter break training. Because a day off is probably the best gift a swimmer can get this holiday season.


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