Olympians Use SwimSpray

What are the World's Best Swimmers Saying about SwimSpray?

Ricky Berens

Ricky Berens is an Olympic gold medalist and world record holder in the 4x200-meter freestyle relay.  He is also a proud Charlotte NC native, Texas Longhorn, and 2-time national champion in the 4x200-yard freestyle relay.  Ricky was the first celebrity to try SwimSpray, initially telling us that he loved it because it "Helps my chlorine burn!"  After the London Olympics, when NBC asked Ricky what he does about all the chlorine, he told them "I use SwimSpray."

Brooke Bennett

Brooke Bennett is a 3-time Olympic gold medalist in the distance freestyle events.  Brooke won her first gold medal in the 800-meter freestyle at the 1996 summer games in Atlanta.  Four years later, she won gold in both the 400-meter and 800-meter freestyle events, breaking the Olympic record in the 800-meter freestyle.  These days, Brooke is working as a sports broadcaster for Bright House Sports Network in Florida. She is also a certified personal trainer and nutritionist through the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT).

When Brooke reviewed SwimSpray, she told us that she had "been using it and can feel/smell the difference."  In her words, SwimSpray "leaves skin feeling fresh."

Janet Evans

Janet Evans is one of the most famous competitive swimmers in history.  And she is still regarded by many as the best distance freestyler ever.  During her career, Evans earned four individual Olympic gold medals and one silver medal, won seventeen international titles and forty-five US National titles.  She also broke seven world records, many of which stood for two decades.  Some of Janet's more impressive swims came in the 1988 Olympic games, including this record setting swim in the 400-meter freestyle.  

We got in touch with Janet in 2011 when we saw an article in the LA Times about her chlorine problems: "I came home the other day and my daughter said, 'Mommy, you smell of chlorine.'

We sent her some SwimSpray, and this was Janet's review: "Just tried it and it's awesome! Thx so much! What a great product."

Dana Vollmer

Dana Vollmer is the fastest womens sprint butterflyer ever.  Dana won gold and set the world record (55.98) in the 100-meter butterfly at the Olympic games in London.  She also won gold in the 4×100-meter medley relay and 4×200-meter freestyle relay.  En route to athletic stardom, Dana overcame a heart condition during her childhood.  Owing to her experience, she is now an avid supporter of the America Heart Association.  

During the spring of 2011, just before the Indy Grand Prix meet, we reached out to Dana to see if we could help her with her chlorine problems. Dana clued us in to the fact that swim meets are particularly hard on skin because they increase the chlorine levels to accommodate for the number of swimmers.  She told us that her skin became "raw" and "hurts at meets."  After trying SwimSpray she described it as great because she wasn't itchy and dry all day and didn't smell like chlorine.  

Melvin Stewart

Melvin "Mel" Monroe Stewart (aka Gold Medal Mel) is an Olympic gold medalist, world champion, and former world record holder.  He held the world record in the 200-meter butterfly (1:55.69) from 1991 to 1995.  Mel is now the co-founder and publisher of the swimming news website, SwimSwam.  He also produces and directs commercials under his company, Gold Medal Media, LLC.  Charlotte Magazine recently wrote a piece about Mel's story.  Now a father and swim parent, Mel reports that his daughter is "extremely happy" with SwimSpray, noting that "She's a big fan."

Harriet Lee

Harriet Lee is a British Paralympic swimmer who represented Great Britain at the 2012 Summer Paralympics.  Harriet won a gold medal in the 100m Breaststroke SB9 competition at  the 2012 British Championships.  And, at the 2012 Paralympic Games, she won a bronze medal in the same event.  At the Paralympic games, she broke the European record in the heats with a time of 1min 19.44 secs.  According to Harriet, "SwimSpray was a lifesaver during the games... it stopped the sore skin."  By comparison, she wrote to her Twitter followers: "Going for a shower and realizing your SwimSpray has run out is not good [because it leave you] itchy and smelling of chlorine all day."

Jenna Randall

Jenna Randall is a British synchronized swimming star and multiple medalist at the Commonwealth Games.  Jenna has earned Commonwealth Games silver medals in solo and duet competitions.  She has competed in both the Beijing and London Olympics.  Jenna was team captain for Britain's 2012 synchronized swimmer squad.  In 2012, Jenna joined fellow Olympians to produce a calendar in support of the "Wellbeing of Women" charity, which "is dedicated to improving the health of women and babies, to make a difference to everybody’s lives today and tomorrow."

When asked for her "ultimate beauty tip," Jenna responded "We use this amazing product called SwimSpray which has been specifically designed to get rid of chlorine and that chlorine smell. It’s such a great product and can be used on both hair and skin when you get out of the pool."

When asked for beauty secrets by Sky Living, Jenna disclosed "After being in the pool all day, the first thing I use is a product called SwimSpray."

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