SwimSpray is Safe for Kids

SwimSpray is Safe for Kids

"I noticed it when I drove my kids home after practice.  The car didn't smell like chlorine.  I was surprised how noticeable it was.  Thank you."  - Becky B.

"I just got back home after speaking with the parents [on our team] and I have to tell you, your product works great. Not one person had anything negative to say. About four kids also used it over their body and reported that it also took the smell and dryness/itching away."  - William R.

SwimSpray is safe to use on kids.  SwimSpray is made from food grade vitamin C and purified water.  SwimSpray has also been pH balanced, making it gentle on eyes and skin - much like a baby shampoo.

By contrast, lingering chlorine can irritate skin, leaving kids with dry, itchy, irritated skin.

The simple choice is between (a) leaving the coating of residual chlorine on your child's skin or (b) applying vitamin C to remove of chlorine film.

After the first use, parents will notice that their children no longer smell like chlorine.

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