SwimSpray Summer Internship Program

Do you want to get real hands-on marketing experience this summer?  SwimSpray is looking for interns across the country to work with SwimSpray to design and implement a unique regional marketing and sales strategy to spread the word about SwimSpray. You’ll get hands-on marketing experience, working with a small start-up company by designing, implementing and testing strategies for building brand awareness. You’ll learn more about working with a sales and marketing team as well as the effectiveness of in-person relationship development to promote a product. This internship is designed to develop the necessary professional skills and abilities to prepare you for your future career.

SwimSpray, LLC, produces the only chlorine-removal product that has been scientifically proven to be 100% effective at completely removing chlorine from hair, skin and clothing. It was invented by Dr. Andrew Chadeayne, a former collegiate swimmer at Princeton University. Unlike every other “chlorine-removal” product on the market currently, SwimSpray utilizes chemistry (a simple vitamin C-based solution) to break the bond chlorine forms with your hair and skin. You can watch SwimSpray’s science in action here.

This is a revolutionary product for anyone who swims, either recreationally, competitively or professionally. SwimSpray has tested other so-called anti-chlorine shampoos, soaps, and body washes.  Laboratory data shows that SwimSpray is several hundred times more effective at eliminating chlorine.  However, given the long history of "swimmers' shampoos" advertising "chlorine removal" properties, swimmers are understandably hesitant to try another product claiming to solve the chlorine problem.

Here’s where you come in: We need people to boost awareness about this revolutionary step forward in swimmer's health. We need your help teaching people that they don't need to be covered in residual pool chemicals anymore because SwimSpray actually works. We are looking for individuals in regions across the country to identify all the pools, camps, races and swim clubs in their geographic area. We want you to take free samples of SwimSpray and marketing materials and get them into the hands of athletes, kids, coaches, moms and dads who don’t yet know about SwimSpray or how effective it is. You would contact these local facilities or groups and work with them to make an appropriate introduction for SwimSpray to future users. Because this is an internship, we are also interested in hearing your ideas.

Support: You’ll be given all that you need to be SwimSpray official, from what you’ll wear to what you’ll need to present SwimSpray in a professional manner.  You will begin by learning about the technology directly from the inventor and President.  You will then work with a SwimSpray team member who will guide you through the process of creating your target list and executing your plan. You’ll be part of a larger group of interns across the country, who will engage in weekly video chats and data-sharing in order to improve your effectiveness and brainstorm better ways to promote SwimSpray. You’ll be given one-on-one support and guidance as you work with SwimSpray to learn more about successful marketing and sales strategies.  By the end of the summer, you will have an understanding of how to design and execute an awareness-building marketing campaign.  

Who we want: Self-motivated, hard-working individuals with strong social and interpersonal skills who can motivate and manage their own progress. Since you would be doing this job from wherever you are rather than showing up to an office each day, you will need to be able to drive your own progress and success with remote support and oversight from SwimSpray. You will need to figure out your own transportation to the various locations you identify. (SwimSpray will reimburse you for your expenses.)

How to apply: Send your resume, cover letter and the names, relationships and contact information of two references to with “SwimSpray Internship” in the subject line.  

The internship runs June 29 - August 21, 2015.  However, we understand that applicants may have school and/or training restrictions.  Please be clear if you have restrictions as to when you can work.

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