No Chlorine Anything

Several tests later and your product rocks! No chlorine smell, no chlorine scale, no chlorine anything! It works and it works well!
Dale Y.

Love It

Using your product and love it.
Chrisann D.


I wanted to write to tell you how wonderful SwimSpray is. I had been vexed by how to eliminate the chlorine smell for a few years now. Thanks for introducing us to this!

Recommends It to Everyone

We were in New York at the HarryMan Half Ironman and an athlete walked up and told us how much he loved SwimSpray and recommends it to everyone.
Jason H.


I tip my hat 100%
Mark C.

Great in Every Way

I have used SwimSpray and find it really great in every way.
Pat D.

Smell Like I Was Never in the Pool

After being in the pool for over 4 hours a couple of sprays in my hair makes it feel and smell like I was never in the pool.
Michael P.

It Totally Works

When high-school swimming was through, I remember feeling totally elated that I would no longer smell like a bottle of bleach all the time. And when I started swimming again a couple years ago, I greeted that smell - which hangs on the skin for days, no matter what you do in the shower - with dismay. So when I got a bottle of SwimSpray for free at the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim, I was eager to try it, though admittedly skeptical. Here's the deal: It totally works. You just spray it on your skin, and then shower, and then you don't smell like chlorine. Amazing! It's just water and ascorbic acid (vitamin C), and was created by a local guy. What's not to love?
Amy R.

Free Hair from Chlorine

I think it's especially helpful for swimmer girls because it not only helps detangle our hair, it is specifically helpful to free our hair from chlorine. Overall, it's a great product.
Lillian B.

One Use

ONE use, Andrew, and SwimSpray works!!
Mary L.

A Miracle

We have a miracle! I don't smell like chlorine anymore! After swimming indoors for more than 30 years and hating the lingering odor that follows me everywhere SwimSpray is worth its' weight in gold! You've got to make this a part of your daily routine. Swim, Swimspray, shower...
Lori P.

The Natural Curl has Come Back

I tried out SwimSpray last week and was pretty stunned at how much chlorine has apparently just accumulated in my hair up until now...suddenly the natural curl has come back. Very cool/weird!
Courtenay V.

Waiting for this Invention

I've been waiting for this invention for so long!
E. Baxter

The Odor is Gone

I was swimming before I teach and I get nervous in front of my class - I could smell the pool despite my shower. Now, with SwimSpray, the odor is gone and my hair and skin feel better.
John L.

I'm Very Pleased

I have received the SwimSpray, and I'm very pleased…
Tyler R.

Love the Versatility

I swim every morning and SwimSpray is the first product I've ever used that keeps my colleagues from telling me I smell like chlorine everyday! I also use it on my 1 year old son to keep his skin from drying out after swim class. I love the versatility of SwimSpray!
Sean D.

Removes the Smell

I manage a swim school and bought it for my teachers who have an allergy to chlorine. It works great, and removes the smell from hair and skin!
Michelle P.

Quell the Red Skin

With such cold weather and an overly chlorinated pool after a meet, I had a good post swim "burn" on my shins a few days ago. Itched like heck. It was particularly bad since somehow I had energy and time to swim three days straight. I constantly forgot to mist afterwards, even when I knew the pool was bad and weather not ideal. Your spray proved able to slake the heat and quell the red skin.
Marc S.

Weird, My Skin Doesn't Itch

My son swam all day today and just used SwimSpray in the shower for the first time. His hair smells like shampoo and his skin smells like soap - for the first time ever! And, he's always complained of itchy skin all summer and just said "weird, my skin doesn't itch." Yay!
Mary L.

Life's Too Short to Smell Like Chlorine

Was recommended to me and I bought a bottle. Now telling my tri team about it. Life's too short to smell like chlorine!
Grant G.

Helps the Burn on the Face

Loved the product! Used it at nationals and it worked great. Really helps the burn on the face.
Ricky B.

Works Fantastically

I LOVE SwimSpray! It works fantastically.... I feel so blessed to have found you.
Liz P.

I Didn't Smell of Chlorine

Thanks for the test sample. The pool I was using has a chlorine level of 5.0. [Without SwimSpray], it bleached my hair, suits, and I lost my arm and leg hair. You're right! [SwimSpray works] I didn't smell of chlorine!
Bill M.

It is Amazing

I would just like to say I love Swim Spray. It is amazing!
Benjamin A.

Great Product

Great product! Both of my daughters swim in College and love it!
Don T.

It Works

I did try it and I think it works.
Bree W.

My Skin Feels Great

I have to say, it really works! After I use this product as directed, I can no longer smell the skin feels great and doesn''t itch! The spray really does more than just soap and lotion alone by removing the chemical.

Skin Feeling Fresh

Gotta get you some SwimSpray. It leaves skin feeling fresh :)
Brooke B.


Lindsay C.

Thank the Swimming Gods

Thank the Swimming Gods for SwimSpray!
Bev B.

I Didn't Smell

I brought the bottle with me here to the Indy Grand Prix- I always get so raw and my skin hurts at meets so I am going to test it out! It was great!!! I wasn't itchy and dry all day after wards and I didn't smell.
Dana V.

Thank You Again

I've been using SwimSpray after swim practice and I really like it. I automatically noticed that my skin doesn't feel scaly anymore. Also, my hair feels a lot more smooth, and not dry like it used to. As for the smell, I'm not really sure because I don't know what chlorine smells like anymore. I really enjoy using the Swim Spray and I'd like to thank you again.
Victoria L.

I Don't Smell Like Chlorine

Tried out my spray today and actually for the first time in 12 years I don't smell like chlorine!


It's like MAGIC!
Gayle L.

Love the SwimSpray

Love the SwimSpray!! So wish we had it around when I was training in a pool!! Stuff is amazing!!
Sasha L.

Just Once

Even after using it just once, I could never imagine showering after practice without it.
Tina D.

Don't Stink of Chlorine

I used SwimSpray for the past couple days and I actually did notice that I don't stink of chlorine anymore.
Zach T.

The Miracle I've Been Waiting For

WOW WOW WOW!!!! Pardon my enthusiasm, but I don't know of a better way to express how happy I am with SwimSpray. I used it for the first time after my regular swim this evening, in a pool SATURATED with chlorine, and came away from the shower without one trace of the dratted chemical in my hair or on my skin. SwimSpray is the miracle I've been waiting for. Thank you so much for creating it and for making available to people like me.
Nancy A.

A Good Deal

I am sold on this after one use. I have used expensive shampoos from my barber, more reasonable shampoos like TriSwim...but it always felt like it was more of a cover up that a removal of the Chlorine. The 2oz sample bottle I was sent feels like it should last about a few weeks...a good deal if you ask me."

Love the Product

I pretty much loved the product.
Mike B.

Hair Feels a Lot Healthier

You're right, I do love this stuff! After only one use my skin is less itchy and my hair feels a lot healthier.
Joe O.

Saved My Skin

You just saved my hair from death and saved my skin from turning into scales!
M. Murphy

None of Us Smell Like the Pool

My girls swim 6 days a week, and my son and I swim 1-2 days a week. One of my daughters used to feel quite itchy after swimming, even after using a chlorine removal shampoo even on her body. Now none of that happens! We all use it, our hair is not so dry, none of us smell like the pool, and none of us are itchy. Folks at the pool ask us what we're using and we tell them.
Kristi D.

A Godsend

This stuff is a godsend-we swim in a cess pool--a teaching pool 86 degrees.
Lori P.

Amazing How Well it Works

If you're a swimmer and you aren't using SwimSpray, you are missing out. It's amazing how well it works!
Ben A.

I Love It

I love it!  Being in and out of the pool all day long, I can instantly feel a difference after a few sprays when I rinse off.
Anya L.

I Don't Smell of Chlorine

It's brilliant thank you healed me skin and I don't smell of chlorine!
Jenna R.

"Extremely" Happy

Thank you for the product. My daughter is "extremely" happy. She's a big fan.
Melvin S.

Really Does Work

My daughter tried this product for the first time a couple of days ago. I have to say that the advertisements are really true - SwimSpray really does work! You couldn't smell the chlorine on her hair at all. If you hadn't known that she had just finished swim practice, you never would have been able to tell! I've been telling all of the other parents on her team about it (and the coaches, too). We have tried other shampoos & such that claimed to eliminate the chlorine odor, but none of them worked. This one does!
Stephanie E.


It's hard to put our reaction of how great it was into words
Sarah C.

Wish this Product Existed when I was a Kid

Wish this product existed when I was a kid - maybe my blonde hair wouldn't have been green all summer! :)
Mary D.

I'm Not the Smelly Kid

I swim most mornings before class. And even though I showered, I always got some weird looks from people sitting around me. But it wasn't until my best friend told me, "Man, you really smell. You reek of chlorine!" that I realized why everyone was looking at me and began feeling self-conscious. Now, with SwimSpray, I don't have to feel self-conscious anymore and I'm not the smelly kid in class!
Brendan C.

Didn't Smell Like Chlorine

I noticed it when I drove my kids home after practice. The car didn't smell like chlorine. I was surprised how noticeable it was. Thank you.
Becky B.

No Brainer

Ministry Of Swimming loves the product. We will let the people on planet swim in on this, should be a no brainer.
John R.

I Reeked of Chlorine

Where was this stuff when i was in HS and College? I reeked of chlorine!
Donna Marie A.

Great Results

I've been using SwimSpray two to three times a week for the last few months with great results. So great, I have forgotten what it was like to not use the stuff until today. I swam tonight, have showered twice and can still smell the chlorine a mile away. Never again, will I not use SwimSpray after I workout.
Jim S.

I Need It

This SwimSpray stuff. I need it. So i don't have to make up excuses for ditching morning practice because I don't wanna smell like chlorine.
Nathaniel H.

It Really Works

I've used SwimSpray after workout these past two days and I can safely say that it really works. I was skeptical at first, but it does what it's supposed to do.
Matthew H.

It Works

I used Swim Spray a couple times now. IT WORKS!
Christine J.

Got Rid of the Chlorine Smell and Dryness

Thank you Swimspray! Finally got rid of the chlorine smell and dryness! I officially love you.
Derek T.

Hair is So Healthy

Hairdresser said she never would have guessed that I swim because my hair is so healthy!
Sky W.

Interesting and Useful

You've made something interesting and useful, so I hope you guys succeed. :)
Kirsten F.

No Longer Smell Like Chlorine

I would like to thank you for ur amazing skin and hair no longer smell like chloirne.
Brian E.

Completely Undamaged

At my son's swim team banquet last night, I noticed many boys with "straw" hair - it was so bad it was sticking straight up, completely chlorine-damaged. I wish I had brought my bottle of SwimSpray to show to their parents. My son has never worn a cap (hates them) and his hair looked great - completely undamaged, due to his use of SwimSpray every time he has swum for the last 8 months! The visual testament to a product that works! Thank you."
Mary L

Feel/Smell the Difference

Been using it and can feel/smell the difference =)
Brooke B.

It's Awesome

Just tried it and it's awesome! Thx so much! What a great idea/product.
Janet E.

Great Product

Great product, ordering more. Wife loves that I don't smell like chlorine!
Brian L.

Great Stuff

SwimSpray has been amazing!!!! It's amazing I could swim without my skin is not itchy or irritated...the soreness and stinging from the chlorine is gone - great stuff!!! Thank you.

Huge Fan of SwimSpray

I just wanted to say that my 12-year old daughter is a huge fan of SwimSpray. She picked up a sample at Whole Foods last summer and now refuses to go to practice unless we have some on hand. I'll need to stock up to get her back in the water this fall!
Bob H.


My Mom says "thanks"!!
Grace L.

Only Thing that Works

I wanted to thank you for inventing this stuff. It's the only thing that works for me. I've tried everything else. I'm telling everyone I know at my Masters swim club.
Dave S.

Gets Rid of the Harsh Chemicals

Even though I love to swim, I used to pick going to the gym to work out instead of the pool because of the chlorine. Not anymore! Swim Spray is a fantastic product that gets rid of the harsh chemicals from the pool. And I love that it's all natural because I am very conscientious about the products I use on my sensitive skin and color treated hair. Thanks Swim Spray!
Tara M.

It's Like Magic

It's like magic!
Mary T.

No More Irritated Skin

Having dealt with dry skin my whole life, I've always had issues with the post-swim chlorine irritated skin, even after multiple showers. Ever since I started using swim spray, all those issues have disappeared. No more irritated skin, no more chlorine smell. Where was this product 20 years ago?
Andrew S.

Seems to Work

I did a little experiment. I used on upper body & just washed legs. I smell chlorine on legs & none on arms, hair etc. It seems to work!
Tina M.

A Lifesaver

Your swim spray was a lifesaver during the [Olympic] games stopped the sore skin.

Great Success

My daughter has been using it with great success. The irritation to her skin and eyes after swimming is much reduced and she is back training again so thank you.
Louise H.

Buy a Gallon

Small story here. I'm a triathlete so I do a ton of pool swiming in the off season (our local pool runs a high chlorine mix). My wife hates that I swim because she says I always stink like Chlorine. Even after my triple dose of other products, (I use one at the gym and then shower with two other producs when I get home) she says I still smell of chlorine. I used your product once in the gym shower after my swim. When I came home that night she asked if I only ran. When I told her I swam but used this new stuff to remove the chlorine stink, she said - buy a gallon.
David S.

I Hate Forgetting

I hate forgetting to use my SwimSpray. I smell like a pool.
Ben A.

We Love SwimSpray

We love swim spray!
Lisa C.

I am Loving my SwimSpray

I am loving my SwimSpray. Order arrived promptly and is helping with my long-standing chlorine allergies. I grew up swimming and swam through high school. Lots of sneezing & congestion. Now I find myself as a WSI in Reston & battling the summer chlorine. SwimSpray is helping!
Heather T.

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

SwimSpray is the best thing since sliced bread, email and facebook! It cleanses the skin of chlorine naturally. For the first time I am invisible to the masses as I leave no trail of chlorine in my wake as I leave the pool!
Lorraine R. P.

Best Chlorine Removal Product

This is the best [chlorine removal] product that I have ever used.
Josh B.

Love your Product

My boys love your product! Thank you for your work in developing a solution to the chlorine problem.
Kathy Q.

Very Intrigued

I'm on a swimming course and told everybody about SwimSpray and everyone's very intrigued to try it!
Haz B.

SwimSpray is Awesome

Swim Spray is awesome. I'm sure you've heard that time and again. The first time I used it I couldn't believe how completely it eliminated the chlorine smell on my skin. I literally kept smelling my arm all day. That sounds weird. But it's true! Our Y has such high levels of chlorine, the smell usually enters the room before I do. And now it's gone!!!
Alexis C.

Don't Drag the Pool to Work

Busted out the SwimSpray this morning because I don't need to drag the pool to work.
Alice H.


I have finally had the chance to use the SwimSpray product. It was remarkable to use. I do not have lingering smell of Chlorine on me. The true test will be tonight, when my significant other smells chlorine on me.
Annette L.

Bottle Goes a Long Way

Still works after sitting in swim bags left in cars all day when temp is 80+. Bottle goes a long way.
Cathy S.


I just got back home after speaking with the parents [on our team] and I have to tell you, your product works great. Not one person had anything negative to say about it other than the sample I gave them was too small. About four kids also used it over their body and reported that it also took the smell and dryness/itching away. Very impressive too! ... I believe you have a great product. I'm glad you gave us the opportunity to try it out.
William R.

Works Just as Promised

Works just as promised. Very pleased.
Ronnie R.

Saved My Life

SwimSpray just saved my life!!
T. Fullest

Can't Believe How Well it Works

I love it! I can't believe how well it works. It is so amazing not to smell like chlorine after my swim work-outs. This will definitely become a regular product I carry in my gym bag.
Jordan P.
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